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    Shaanxi Xijing Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd

    Founded in 2007, Shaanxi Xijing Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd is co-invested by Xi’an Chuanglian Electronic Component Group Co., Ltd and Kaixin International Group. It is specializes in R&D, manufacturing and sales in the scope of monocrystalline silicon rod, polysilicon ingot and related products.

    The company is headquartered in Dianzicheng of Xi'an City, It has built Xi'an research training center (production line of mono-crystalline silicon, polycrystalline ingot production line) and Yulin monocrystalline silicon production base to give full play to Xi'an's geographical advantage and the land resources, power resources and other advantages of Yulin city. As of 2014 December, the company has an annual output of 1500 tons of monocrystalline silicon rod, polycrystalline silicon ingot production capacity of 520 tons.

    With the management philosophy of “innovation, rigour, diligence and honesty”, Shaanxi Xijing Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd is being persisting with the brilliant production and after-sale service, and does its effort to contribute to be the largest manufacturer in the western area of China, or even a famous solar PV (photovoltaic) manufacturer of the world.

    May the sun illuminate the universe and bring happiness to mankind! Let’s dedicate to the environment preservation by making good use of solar energy!